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caballusXperience intl offers impactful, intensive and holistic coaching experiences with the support of horses for business professionals and teams to maximise leadership effectiveness. caballusXperience intl operates in Dubai, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Denmark.

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What is horse-assisted coaching

Horse-assisted coaching focuses on the interaction between a person and a horse to increase self-awareness and enable changes in leadership styles. By providing a framework for intense self-reflection, horse-assisted coaching complements traditional leadership training. While the horse enables individual self-reflection, the coach analyses the interaction and derives findings to create a target development plan in cooperation with the client.

Why horses

Horses are herd animals, characterised by authenticity and confidence, they constantly search for distinctive leadership. These strong values are the exact same skills required to be a great leader in both the professional and personal worlds. Horses do not care about the participants’ social status. Thus allowing the participant to concentrate exclusively on him/herself. Horses are particularly well suited as co-coaches as they:   

  • Live in the present (they don’t analyze the past, nor fear or rely on the future).
  • Are body language experts (i.e. they react to minimal body signals)
  • Are highly sensitive (i.e. they observe and then decide if they trust and follow).
  • Provide immediate, honest, and unbiased feedback.

What´s in it for you

The most frequent benefits reported by clients are:

    • Increased awareness of own personal strengths, potentials, beliefs, behavioral pattern
    • Ability to relate to and communicate more effectively with others
    • Improved ability to draw the line
    • Enhanced conflict management skills
    • A clear understanding of situational leadership

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